Friday, August 8, 2008

Craftin' mamas

Recently I began tapping into my crafty side and began selling my home made tutus and dresses. It's been quite the whirlwind of activity and I had no clue just how busy it would keep me. As of lately, it seems I am tied up with taking and making orders, promoting, organizing and shipping. There is no set bed time for a crafting mom. I know for me personally, it's been the wee hours of the morning since I began designing my creations. What I really didn't realize was a very pleasant surprise. There are so many talented mothers who put their heats and souls into their ideas. There are circles and cliques all over the world wide web where mothers, such as myself come together and share ideas and tips and great conversation. The dedication of these mothers is amazing! Some of them have set up shop in their living rooms and some in garages, any nook they can call their own to tap out of mom world and into using their skills. It has enlightened me to the vast variety and uniqueness of items that you can not find in stores. I've found it much more gratifying to purchase something from a fellow artisan knowing her heart went into it, than running into the store to grab a quick gift. So in honor of my fellow beauty makers I am using all homemade crafts for Trinity's birthday party this year. The treat bags will be overflowing with goodies from talented women all over the country. If you need help finding a unique gift please let me know i'll send you in the right direction. Just go to and in the search engine type in cafemom team....that is an etsy street team I am member of filled with some of the greatest women I've come across with so many different products to chose from!
And of course, if you need a tutu or dress stop by my store for a custom creation at