Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009-It's hard to believe it's almost here! Valentine's Day Tutus in store!

Time really does fly doesn't it? I can't imagine that in a few short days it will be yet another new year. My daughters ( and myself) just keep getting older and older. On the flip side, the New Year always comes with the hopes of a better year for everyone so here's to wishing that everyone's dreams come true! My dream for the new year is to have all of our remodeling projects done. I imagine having a husband who builds houses for a living, has a bit to do with the fact our projects are never finished. His new idea-remodeling the basement to accomdate a play room and although there is a shower, sink and toilet down there we must must must rip it all out and start anew so we can have three full baths. Sigh. I know I know I should be thrilled right?! I'd much rather see the kitchen finished as it was started the week we moved in. Something tells me he just really really doesn't want to work on it;)

On the flip side, I'm gearing up for the future holidays-Valentine's Day and so forth in my shop. And I can not WAIT to welcome Spring:) In the meantime, if you need a sweet lil' tutu for some Valentine's Day shots, don't hesitate to stop on by. And remember, custom orders and new ideas are always a favorite!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful start into 2009. Thank you again for helping to make this last year so wonderful.