Sunday, January 11, 2009

Construction and Punk Rock Tutus

Right now my studio is in complete distress. My husband took it upon himself to build a play room next to my studio and remodeling the ENTIRE space. That means, my area is cut in half and right now is filled with lumber, saws and drills. Oh, and my FAVORITE nail gun. I once thought the sound of the sewing machine at 1 am while working on a piece could be enough to drive one silly until the nail gun came into my studio. He means well, and i'm sure when it's done and all of my goodies are back where they belong it will be FABULOUS. But for the time being it is annoying and one big mess!

On a good note, finished-well almsot finished a complicated piece. The customer wants more lace but other than that the tutu is done. She wanted mutilayered, pixiecut, feather boa trimmed, rockin' skully goodness. If you want a custom piece, just let me know! I'd be glad to design something just for you!


I Luv U Tutu Much Childrens Boutique said...

It's so funny that we have so much in common. I myself own and operate a large preschool facility out of my home as well as sell handmade girly items. I love reading your blog and find myself in simialr situations. Just wanted to stop by and say keep up the great work, yout tutus are lovely. Jen :]]

Adrina said...

Those are SOOOO CUTE!!! You should offer them for regular sale in your etsy!!