Sunday, February 15, 2009

Almost vacation time-free headband with custom tutu purchase ending soon!

It has been a LONG cold Ohio winter. Years have passed without having this much snow, ice and cold so mother nature sure socked it to us this year. I don't remember what sunlight looks like *sigh*. The power has gone on and off for the past month due to ice storms and go figure, wind storms too! You'd think by the sounds of it, I lived near Lake Erie but the truth is I live nowhere even close to deal with lake effect weather. Needing a break from this lovely weather, my mother and I will soon be leaving to board our cruise ship to sunshine. Yup, bye bye Ohio, hello Carribean! I can not WAIT to sink my feet in the sand and soak up some of that sun as we enjoy some yumppy tropical drinks with nothing better to do than waste the day swimming and shopping. As long as I remember to take my sea sick pills, we'll be all set:) So, no tulle, no tutus, no nothing for days! I can't even call my kids, at nearly $10 per minute, I think I'll use email instead! It's my birthday present from mom and I plan on enjoying it as it's a celebration of me turning 30. Funny thing is, I turned 30 last year and she is just now getting around to celebrating a week before I turn 31 hahaha. If going on vacatin becomes the way to turn 30, I'll be 3o every year!

Before I leave, I've been busy putting up some new tutu designs and working on getting all of my orders sent out in the mail. I've so enjoyed each of my customers that I won't know what to do not being able to talk to them and well everyone else! Be sure to stop by the store as my free headband giveaway will be ending soon!