Monday, February 23, 2009

Custom Tutu Heaven-and the illnesses that ruin my sunshine

Wow have I lost contact with the outside world! I've been hiding behind the sewing machine like a mad woman, schelping up to bed everything to wake in the morning and find thread, and tulle stuck to my slippers sigh. It's been a whirlwind and fun and exhausting all at the same time. Illness in this house has rained on my parade though, making production time difficult. I swear my kids have been sick with one thing or another since October-yes October. How I wish I kept track of how many boxes of Kleenex we've went through or how many trips to the doctors, multiple ERS and stat care we've penciled in. March is nearing and I thought for sure that meant it was all over. WRONG. Saturday Trinity was diagnosed with pneumonia AGAIN and well Sunday Caitlin was told at the ER it was indeed Strep Throat AGAIN. The ironic thing-the last time Trin had pneumonia Cait had strep, odd! So we play the game of charting medicine dosages so I don't confuse who had tylenol and who had their antibiotics yet. Caitlin is feeling better but Trinity is coughing along without missing a beat. She is so grouchy, it has been three days of a lot of fussing. Yesterday she cried for three hours straight as I tried to work while dad chased her around. I was never so happy to go grocery shopping Sunday before, I needed to get away from the noise. Now i'm REALLY looking forward to my cruise in a couple of weeks-if I can only pencil in time to pack! RIGHT after I finish my tutus:)

I wanted to share some photographs from a wonderful Canadian Photographer. Please feel free to stop by her blog and see her other fantastic work! Every night when I go to bed aching and tired I smile and remember I do this because of my customers such as her. Reading the feedback from the people that buy from my store is the highlight throughout my day and keeps me sitting at that sewing machine and standing over my cutting table as long as my almost 31 year old body can take it!

The first two photographs are property of and were shot by the Talented Miss Letisha of Intrigue Photography. If you're interested in seeing more of her wonderful work please stop by her site at if you're in luck and live near Ingersoll Ontario, contact her for all of your photograhy needs!