Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My tutu was on The View!!!

How totally exciting was that???!!! I've been bursting at the buttons to tell the entire world BUT I did not know for sure until today if it would make it on the air or not.

Basically I was contacted through Etsy from a wonderful woman, Tory Johnson ( Feel free to stop by her website http://www.womenforhire.com/). She is a contributor as well for ABC News and was asked to do a segment for The View for their show about How to Get a Job that aired today 4/14/2009. She has done segments and talked about Etsy before so it was totally fantastic that she thought to use Etsy as a topic on The View-the more Etsy love the better right?!

So, after some corresponding via email (nothing extensive just answered some questions) I shipped some items up to NYC. I was THRILLED when she let me know the producers wanted matching shirts as this gave me the chance to include Lisa Ward http://www.isabellaboo.etsy.com/ because we just recently started working together to make matching sets between our two stores.

I was told last night that everything was set to air but to keep in mind that things could change last minute and get bumped so I was anxiously waiting for air time today. Now, it was brief, but my tutu was shown! I could see it better when I watched the episode online this evening so maybe I was just blind by excitement this morning! It was at the very end of the episode when Tory spoke of how Etsy is a place you can "make money" and she didn't have time to give a shout out to all the great stores she had items from but hey she did say, " There is a lady that makes tutus." That's me! It was funny she said it that way because people in my life call me the tutu lady all the time ;-). Etsy even featured a treasury Tory compiled on the front page this morning before the show aired so that was fantastic too!

So, some background on my store-I opened at the end of July 08. I can't honestly tell you it was a huge dream of mine then as it wasn't . I started on a whim. I had made some items and shown some friends online and they wanted to order. So after a couple of weeks I thought well maybe I should set something up to make it easier for them. At the time, starting my own website wasn't worth it, and I recalled stumbling upon Etsy the previous winter. I listed some items and BOOM, sold something pretty quickly. Over time, the orders kept coming so I had to get organized quickly. A studio was built in the basement with custom work tables and cutting tables to fit my short height and I was off and running. By Halloween time, I was so busy, my 18 hours a day work days began. 18 hours a day seems a bit excessive but it's simple to see how it happens when everything is broken down. For instance, each piece I make takes around 2 hours from start, to the finishing touch of packaging. Each strand of tulle is cut by hand with a rotary blade, then each one is attached to the band, then sewn, then the added touches put on. It's a slow process:) In between making them, I have to correspond with customers A LOT, do my advertising and promoting efforts and order all of my supplies. I finish off each night by printing all my postage and lugging the boxes out for the mailman to pick up the next day. I'm in bed usually around 2am. Keep in mind, in between all of this, I have to cook dinner and spend time with the family. SO, to make it a bit easier, a playroom was built off of the studio in the basement so now we can ALL be together down there in my little tutu village. SO for those of you thinking of selling on etsy keep in mind it is work, HARD work. It does pay off however as I get to work in Pjs every day! YEAH! What can beat that?!

It has been fantastic so far and I have had some of the most wonderful customers ever! I work with great photographers and make little girls happy and colorful.

For more information on The View's website you can follow this link:

You can also view the full episode here
click on 4/14

The segment isn't until the VERY end of the show

These listings are for the items that were on the show
Rainbow Sprite Tutu

And a matching beanie hat

It was a good day!


Emma Lee's Boutique said...

How Exciting!!! Congrats!!!

Kristin said...

VERY exciting!!

We just had our little angel on Monday, and we did her newborn photo shoot this past Friday. I'll post pics on my blog soon... She looks soooo adorable in her Tutu! :)

Rumphfamily said...

that's awesome!!! Your tutu's are great! I am a fellow tutu maker..although I don't really sell them on etsy..I sell them in my own shop and a boutique...but i loved reading your blog..it is so good to know I am not the only one not sleeping and going to bed at 3am!!!!!!! I have taken over the dining room..now kicked the baby into his big brother's room! it's so great to work in pj's though...and it is hard work but so fun!!! congrat and LOVE your work!
xoxo rache

I Luv U Tutu Much Childrens Boutique said...

How exciting! Congrats for all you hard work you deserve it :)

Angela said...

We love our Raspberry Limeade tutu! Check out a fun sneak peak from our photo session on our photog's blog @ http://lindey.blogs.com. Thanks for such a quick and easy transaction!

Paisley and Posies said...

Congratulations!!!! My best friend called me yelling, "You're on tv, you're on tv!!" I said No I'm not... We turned it on and there you were!! I knew it was you immediately by the shirts! I am so excited for you!!

I started the same way you did - on a whim. I still work 9-5, so I know the feeling of being up until 2am. It's fun, but it's definitely tough!!! My fiance and I are moving at the end of the year and then I get to quit my job and take this on full time!! I can't wait!

Congratulations again, you have made it!!!


Paisley and Posies

Paisley and Posies said...

Oh, and p.s.... I have a picture of the tv while your tutu was on... I'm going to get on Etsy and send it to you!!

Shalana, the funky felter said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful!