Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hyped up on coffee

The orders keep pouring in ( which is a good thing) and it's keeping me going all hours of the night. I've found a new love for coffee....which I typically hate, but came to find out NEED in order to work until 1-2am. I am astounded at how busy i've become and feel guilty for things I don't get around to anymore such friends....little things with my kids. I never dreamed something so small could turn into something so big in one month. Usually I am so bored that if I have a getaway or vacation coming up it's all I cna think about. Now I'm looking at the date going CRAP I have to leave in a couple of days...two nights left to work on pieces! It's like i've gone mad ha! I am totally looking forward to time with my best friends but dreading coming back to the wordload ahead of me.


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