Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Super Hero Cape

Trinity was playing in her sisters room (sssshhh... don't tell Caitlin) and she found her boo. Well, she thought it was her boo. Boo is her ghostie friend that Grandma and sissy made her at Build a Bear. The name boo merely comes from the fact that it is indeed a name Trinity can say. This Boo she found was identical to her boo but she was baffled how Boo had a mask and a cape? She was clueless that sissy had a ghostie too but it was dressed up for Halloween. Trinity, being the demanding child she is, insisted sissy's Boo better share that mask so she ripped it off and screamed until mommy put it on her. The mask was way too small, but I laughed and laughed as she walked around the room so proud of herself. Dad realized that his little girl would be one of "those" kids who wore super hero outfits in public. Then, it hit me! Trinity needs her own cape and mask. She LOVES running around with a towel over her shoulders, wrapped snug around her neck. How perfect would it be for her to be Super Trinity! I personally have no sewing abilities so naturally I turned to Etsy. It didn't take me long to find this wonderful cape that could be customized, YES customized to your liking. I got to chose the color of the cape, the emblem and color of the emblem-I chose the crown and also an initial and the color for that as well. So I ordered hers in black and pink to match her birthday theme and HAD to get a matching mask. I anxiously await the arrival of her goodies and my new favorite etsy find of the week. Check out the store at http://babypop.etsy.com/