Friday, September 26, 2008

My "Baby" had her first day at school

Sigh, today was the first day Trinity went to daycare/school. I wasn't so much nervous about how she'd behave or handle it, I was more concerned about her napping. She has only slept in her crib and there they have toddler cots all in the "sleep" room. I couldn't help but worry how in the world they'd get her to sleep in a room with other children on an unconfined bed!
Dad dropped Trinity off late morning...and she ran right in and never looked back. She was greeted by anxious members of her new junior toddler class and was in pure delight to see them as well as all the toys. Daddy picked her up around 5pm and he called out her name and she came running arms open screaming dadadada. When he walked into the room, he naturally spotted our monkey climbing the foam stairs...up and down up and down. Her report for the day said she did great. She played well with the other children, never cried, slept for nearly two hours, ate most of her lunch and all of her snack and her activities included playdoh and puzzles. Whew, what a worry off my shoulders. I was weighing the pros and cons yesterday, feeling like I failed her as a mommy by putting her in daycare a few days a week. As it turns out, I see this just may be the environment she needs to thrive more. She is a very high strung ball of energy and at home she's grown bored. She pushes the limits here because she knows she can. Her toys are old hat, no matter how often we buy new or rotate them in and out and her day here is filled with terrorizing at all costs. She's a rotten one. I think daycare will help the transition to prek and it just may help fix some problems here at home too! She was so exhausted she went to bed early. She never got rowdy or out of control and didn't throw one trantrum all evening. All the while when she was at school, mommy got some much needed time to work on her tutu orders so it was a win win situation. I was able to take time out of "work" this evening to be with my family AND I took a LONG HOT shower this afternoon just because I could. It has been nearly two years since that happened. I ALMOST snuck in a nap too until the phone rang. So far, so good...we'll see how next week goes!