Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I LOVE my customers

It has been a whirlwind few months since I began selling my tutus on etsy! There were some chaotic moments-say Halloween Time-but everything worked out in the end. I must say I LOVE my customers! There are quite a few customers I stay in pretty regular contact with and I think it's fabulous. Interacting with each customer is important to me and what helps set handmade products apart. I enjoy getting to know bits and pieces about each customer and I must say receiving photographs from them is such a wonderful part of my day. I'd love to share them all, but that would take quite some time but I am including in this blog post a picture of adorable Alyssa that her mommy sent to me. It's fantastic to see such sweet princesses each day and reminds me why I enjoy making my products so much.

On the flip side, thanks to Ohio's wishy washy weather, illness has loomed over our house for the passed month. One day it was cold, the next hot-and if you've never been to Ohio, I advise if you do come to visit the buckeye state to pack for any weather and temperature as it seems to change on the drop of a dime! Due to the crazy fluctuation that always occurs going into fall here, germs just incubated and went wild and I think everyone I know has been ill at some point this last month. I have one daughter in fifth grade, and my youngest is in daycare so needless to say, they were prime targets to pick up the germies and bring them home. Since Mid October Caitlin has had tonsillitis, and yesterday was diagnosed with strep/mono. And Trinity had a bout of tonsillitis and pneumonia. Yikes. I think the doctors are tired of seeing me. So, for Cait's follow up I will be discussing the option of getting those tonsils removed for good! She isn't pleased that I intend on ruining the tail end of her christmas break with surgery but mom knows best right?! At least she gets to spend Christmas in Southern California with her daddy, soaking up the sun while we are stuck in wishy washy Ohio:)

Also, the drawing for one free Jingle Bell Rock Tutu will be ending soon! I'm super excited and pleased with the outcome thusfar and can not wait to see who the winner will be. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to enter.