Friday, November 7, 2008

Tinkerbell Pixie Tutu and Fairy Dust Wand set

I LOVE tinkerbell, I realize that this obsession isn't completely healthy being a 30 year old mommy but she is just irresistable to me. On my last trip to Disney-about a year ago-one afternoon it began to rain while we were at one of the parks. That gave me the sad excuse to run into the nearest store and purchase this extremely loud, decked out in pink rhinestones Tink track jacket to keep warm. I thought I was pulling it off rather well until a great grandma of five approached me wearing the same jacket, giving me a compliment and a wink. I almost had an early mid life crisis but then rather enjoyed my chat with her and realized young and old, Tinkerbell has captured so many of our hearts. So in the spirit of her new movie-which it's ABOUT TIME DISNEY-I am selling this pixie cut Tinkerbell tutu and child safe Fairy dust wand set in my store. Mention this blog and receive a free gift with your order!!