Friday, September 26, 2008

My "Baby" had her first day at school

Sigh, today was the first day Trinity went to daycare/school. I wasn't so much nervous about how she'd behave or handle it, I was more concerned about her napping. She has only slept in her crib and there they have toddler cots all in the "sleep" room. I couldn't help but worry how in the world they'd get her to sleep in a room with other children on an unconfined bed!
Dad dropped Trinity off late morning...and she ran right in and never looked back. She was greeted by anxious members of her new junior toddler class and was in pure delight to see them as well as all the toys. Daddy picked her up around 5pm and he called out her name and she came running arms open screaming dadadada. When he walked into the room, he naturally spotted our monkey climbing the foam stairs...up and down up and down. Her report for the day said she did great. She played well with the other children, never cried, slept for nearly two hours, ate most of her lunch and all of her snack and her activities included playdoh and puzzles. Whew, what a worry off my shoulders. I was weighing the pros and cons yesterday, feeling like I failed her as a mommy by putting her in daycare a few days a week. As it turns out, I see this just may be the environment she needs to thrive more. She is a very high strung ball of energy and at home she's grown bored. She pushes the limits here because she knows she can. Her toys are old hat, no matter how often we buy new or rotate them in and out and her day here is filled with terrorizing at all costs. She's a rotten one. I think daycare will help the transition to prek and it just may help fix some problems here at home too! She was so exhausted she went to bed early. She never got rowdy or out of control and didn't throw one trantrum all evening. All the while when she was at school, mommy got some much needed time to work on her tutu orders so it was a win win situation. I was able to take time out of "work" this evening to be with my family AND I took a LONG HOT shower this afternoon just because I could. It has been nearly two years since that happened. I ALMOST snuck in a nap too until the phone rang. So far, so good...we'll see how next week goes!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sock Monkeys and leg warmers

In case you haven't heared of the following etsians yet, you REALLY should. Two of my FAVORITE stores had matching material so how on earth could I resist making a tutu to match? Totally impossible! First, there is Elegant Hobbies. Now, I used to never put a thought into sock monkeys. I imagine I was envisioning monkeys of the past, although cute, they were not very girly. With two daughters who LOVE stuffed goodies, I was delighted to see how adorable her items were AND being a fellow Cafemom Etsy team member I HAD to buy one for Trinity. Check out her store at, I promise you won't be disappointed.

And secondly comes Knotty Baby Wear...Oh my gosh the selection here is UNBEATABLE, so so so many things to chose from. The little crocheted cowboy booties get me every time. Now if I could just shrink Trinity's BIG feet to fit in a pair hmmm. Realizing my youngest will just continue to grow like my oldest child Caitlin, I guess I will stick with my growing addiction to Knotty Legwarmers. Fall is coming and my squirmy worm is difficult enough to change so these legwarmers will be so much more easy than tights..and when I can no longer put off trying to tackle tights and the Trinster, these leggings will look SO adorable and make her the coolest toddler on the block..and here is the best kept secret (okay so it's no secret really) FREE SHIPPING on knotty legwarmers. Spin by her shop, you'll fall in love

Both of these ladies are fantastico to order from, which makes the Etsy experience that much better!!

Super Hero Cape

Trinity was playing in her sisters room (sssshhh... don't tell Caitlin) and she found her boo. Well, she thought it was her boo. Boo is her ghostie friend that Grandma and sissy made her at Build a Bear. The name boo merely comes from the fact that it is indeed a name Trinity can say. This Boo she found was identical to her boo but she was baffled how Boo had a mask and a cape? She was clueless that sissy had a ghostie too but it was dressed up for Halloween. Trinity, being the demanding child she is, insisted sissy's Boo better share that mask so she ripped it off and screamed until mommy put it on her. The mask was way too small, but I laughed and laughed as she walked around the room so proud of herself. Dad realized that his little girl would be one of "those" kids who wore super hero outfits in public. Then, it hit me! Trinity needs her own cape and mask. She LOVES running around with a towel over her shoulders, wrapped snug around her neck. How perfect would it be for her to be Super Trinity! I personally have no sewing abilities so naturally I turned to Etsy. It didn't take me long to find this wonderful cape that could be customized, YES customized to your liking. I got to chose the color of the cape, the emblem and color of the emblem-I chose the crown and also an initial and the color for that as well. So I ordered hers in black and pink to match her birthday theme and HAD to get a matching mask. I anxiously await the arrival of her goodies and my new favorite etsy find of the week. Check out the store at