Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sock Monkeys and leg warmers

In case you haven't heared of the following etsians yet, you REALLY should. Two of my FAVORITE stores had matching material so how on earth could I resist making a tutu to match? Totally impossible! First, there is Elegant Hobbies. Now, I used to never put a thought into sock monkeys. I imagine I was envisioning monkeys of the past, although cute, they were not very girly. With two daughters who LOVE stuffed goodies, I was delighted to see how adorable her items were AND being a fellow Cafemom Etsy team member I HAD to buy one for Trinity. Check out her store at http://eleganthobbies.etsy.com/, I promise you won't be disappointed.

And secondly comes Knotty Baby Wear...Oh my gosh the selection here is UNBEATABLE, so so so many things to chose from. The little crocheted cowboy booties get me every time. Now if I could just shrink Trinity's BIG feet to fit in a pair hmmm. Realizing my youngest will just continue to grow like my oldest child Caitlin, I guess I will stick with my growing addiction to Knotty Legwarmers. Fall is coming and my squirmy worm is difficult enough to change so these legwarmers will be so much more easy than tights..and when I can no longer put off trying to tackle tights and the Trinster, these leggings will look SO adorable and make her the coolest toddler on the block..and here is the best kept secret (okay so it's no secret really) FREE SHIPPING on knotty legwarmers. Spin by her shop, you'll fall in love http://knottybabywear.etsy.com

Both of these ladies are fantastico to order from, which makes the Etsy experience that much better!!