Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cyber Monday Sale

Stop on by my store and enjoy the cyber Monday sale and relax in your pj's while you pick up some pretty tutus for the little girls in your life. FREE hair clip is still included with each purchase:)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Sale!

Stop by my store at for our lowest prices on tutus this year! Our listings still include a free matching hair clip with every tutu order.

Join in the black friday fun and support some wonderful indie artisans on Etsy this year.
I hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and had their fill of turkey! Now it's time to finish up that Christmas shopping and prepare for the big day:)

The wonderfully sweet photograph was shot by an amazing talented and all around great lady named Gina. Please please stop by her site at and view her work and her blog to see what all she offers. Trust me, you won't regret it!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last Tutu Giveaway before Christmas!

As promised, I am doing another tutu give away contest. This will be the last one before Christmas rolls around.

This contest is to win my new Party Girl Glitter Tutu
♥¤´¨)¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)(¸.·´Welcome to Trinity's Tutus!This listing is for one custom Party Girl Tutu.Our Party Girl tutu is made with four shades of the softest tulle on the market(white, fuschia, aqua, and black). The tutu has matching ribbon streamers dancing throughout the tutu for extra twirling fun! The Tutu features a pink and a black with white swiss dot Satin bows and is topped off with a removable pink flower with a glimmering rhinestone center. The finishing touch for every Party Girl is Silver Glitter Spray to make sure she really shines! This tutu is great for birthdays, portraits, gifts and for New Years Eve Celebrations.

To enter, simple visit my store at
Pick your favorite item in store and leave a comment on this blog stating which is your favorite! Please leave your email address so you can be contacted if you win! Also Trinity's Tutus is offering a ten percent discount on ANY in store items during the contest-if interested leave me a message on etsy saying 10off to receive your discounted price or email me at
On Monday, December 15 the winner will randomly be selected and notified and their free tutu will be shipped out in time for Christmas! Good luck, and have fun!

The last two photographs were shot by the ever talented Gina from

Check out her site and her blog to see how wonderful and talented she is!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ANNOUNCING---the winner of my blog tutu giveaway!

First I want to thank you all so much for entering and for your wonderful comments. This has been such a fun experience I plan on doing more drawings soon so keep an eye out on my blog!!!

Last night my husband and I randomly selected a winner by him chosing a number 1-97 for each comment listed. He has never viewed my blog so he had no clue who had entered and so forth.

The winner is Tia Herman and here is her submission-

Oh my goodness, this is an amazing giveaway!! I've browsed your shop many of times, but never been lucky enough to buy anything. I'd have to say that this adorable sweet santa tutu dress is my favorite. is the first year we're getting professional pictures taken of our Eleanore, and I only wish I had something that precious to put her in. xx Tiachristopherandtia at yahoodotcom

She has been contacted and responded so I'll be creating her tutu for little Eleanore shortly! Thank you again and again and again for the wonderful response!! I can not wait to post another contest soon-within the next few days or so!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Contest is ending soon!!!!

Just a couple days from now, the winner will be drawn for my blog give away contest. I just wanted to thank those who have entered for their time and the great response. Also, keep an eye on my blog, it's been so much fun to host this giveaway, i'm certain i'll be doing another one soon!!!

The photo above is from Gina takes the sweetest pictures of children and when she sends shots along I just smile from ear to ear! This shot is of her niece in the Punk Rock Princess Tutu, it can be found at the following link

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I LOVE my customers

It has been a whirlwind few months since I began selling my tutus on etsy! There were some chaotic moments-say Halloween Time-but everything worked out in the end. I must say I LOVE my customers! There are quite a few customers I stay in pretty regular contact with and I think it's fabulous. Interacting with each customer is important to me and what helps set handmade products apart. I enjoy getting to know bits and pieces about each customer and I must say receiving photographs from them is such a wonderful part of my day. I'd love to share them all, but that would take quite some time but I am including in this blog post a picture of adorable Alyssa that her mommy sent to me. It's fantastic to see such sweet princesses each day and reminds me why I enjoy making my products so much.

On the flip side, thanks to Ohio's wishy washy weather, illness has loomed over our house for the passed month. One day it was cold, the next hot-and if you've never been to Ohio, I advise if you do come to visit the buckeye state to pack for any weather and temperature as it seems to change on the drop of a dime! Due to the crazy fluctuation that always occurs going into fall here, germs just incubated and went wild and I think everyone I know has been ill at some point this last month. I have one daughter in fifth grade, and my youngest is in daycare so needless to say, they were prime targets to pick up the germies and bring them home. Since Mid October Caitlin has had tonsillitis, and yesterday was diagnosed with strep/mono. And Trinity had a bout of tonsillitis and pneumonia. Yikes. I think the doctors are tired of seeing me. So, for Cait's follow up I will be discussing the option of getting those tonsils removed for good! She isn't pleased that I intend on ruining the tail end of her christmas break with surgery but mom knows best right?! At least she gets to spend Christmas in Southern California with her daddy, soaking up the sun while we are stuck in wishy washy Ohio:)

Also, the drawing for one free Jingle Bell Rock Tutu will be ending soon! I'm super excited and pleased with the outcome thusfar and can not wait to see who the winner will be. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to enter.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Spotlight on Williamson Photography

For all you local bloggers here in Ohio, check out Williamson Photography in Bolivar, OH for your location photography needs. Williamson Photography is a location shoot photographer service that will be sure to capture the sweetest little baby portraits, Senior pictures, Family portraits, and Wedding day portraits. Their prices are fantastic and Brandi is a pleasure to work with.

Trinity had a shoot with her in October and I was really apprehensive about ever getting good shots of Trin again. She is a moving target and very easily upset when a camera is around. She doesn't enjoy being told what to do so in studio shoots were out of the question for the time being. I came across Williamson Photography and I wondered how an outdoor shoot would be. Although Trinity wouldn't smile-that is her normal attitude for the camera, Brandi captured natural pictures of my little two year old tornadoe the way that I know her best! It was a wonderful experience and I recommend Williamson Photography to ANYONE. You'll be surprised how much you enjoy a location shoot in comparison to a posed studio shoot.

Please check out her site for information on her services. She has an array of specials and also programs to photographer your baby from birth up, making capturing all those baby memories for you because let's face it, those feet are only little for so long!
Please click here to be redirected to Williamson Photography's site

All of the portraits in this blog post were shot by Brandi and are photographs of her adorable niece Sophia modeling for Trinity's Tutus

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tinkerbell Pixie Tutu and Fairy Dust Wand set

I LOVE tinkerbell, I realize that this obsession isn't completely healthy being a 30 year old mommy but she is just irresistable to me. On my last trip to Disney-about a year ago-one afternoon it began to rain while we were at one of the parks. That gave me the sad excuse to run into the nearest store and purchase this extremely loud, decked out in pink rhinestones Tink track jacket to keep warm. I thought I was pulling it off rather well until a great grandma of five approached me wearing the same jacket, giving me a compliment and a wink. I almost had an early mid life crisis but then rather enjoyed my chat with her and realized young and old, Tinkerbell has captured so many of our hearts. So in the spirit of her new movie-which it's ABOUT TIME DISNEY-I am selling this pixie cut Tinkerbell tutu and child safe Fairy dust wand set in my store. Mention this blog and receive a free gift with your order!!

Holiday Early Bird Shopping Discount!!

I am featuring a discount in my store on ALL items for those early bird shoppers! This way I, myself can get more motivated to get my shopping done too:) Stop on in my store today and check out this listing with the instructions on how to use this discount. Let me help you make your little princess's dreams come true today!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Crochet Beanie on SALE w/store purchase

I intended to run this special on election day but a terrible headache kept me in one cranky mood so it was put off until today. So, right now you can add on a customized crocheted beanie with removable bow/flower detail for only $4.00 with the purchase of a tutu item in store. Yup, that's right $4.00! Check it out here

Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas TUTU give away!

In the spirit of the upcoming Christmas Holiday, Trinity's Tutus will be doing a give away for one custom Jingle Bell Rock Christmas Tutu size nb-5

Our Jingle Bell Rock Tutu features yards and yards of the softest red, white and green tulle on the market, made in the USA. The tutu has a ribbon wrapped waist band, a beautiful sheer red bow and a REMOVABLE bow accented with jingle bells of course that can be added or taken off with ease. For the finishing touch the tutu has red, white, and green accent ribbons streaming throughout the tutu.Our Jingle Bell Rock tutu is perfect for Holiday portraits and unique to retail stores holiday dress selection.
To enter, simple visit my store at
Pick your favorite item in store and leave a comment on this blog stating which is your favorite! Please leave your email address so you can be contacted if you win! Also Trinity's Tutus is offering a ten percent discount on ANY in store items during the contest-if interested leave me a message on etsy saying 10off to receive your discounted price or email me at

On Monday, November 17 the winner will randomly be selected and notified and their free tutu will be shipped out in time for Christmas! Good luck, and have fun!