Monday, October 20, 2008

Gearing up for Christmas OH SO SLOWLY

I am still unburrying myself from Halloween orders-so it is time to turn to Christmas. I know I know don't rush it right!? I imagine being a mom makes time fly fast when the holiday is on the horizon as the wish list start growing and growing and plans are being made with family and friends. I ADORE the holiday season! I love the snow, decorations, get togethers, everything about the coming time of year. I look forward to the smile on my children's face and the smiles we try to create by purchasing toys for children and supplying food and cookies to our homeless shelter on our Christmas eve tradition. As I work on my last few ladybugs and bees I am finally getting a couple Christmas items out one by one. So far I have my Sweet Santa Baby Tutu Dress and my Candy Cane Swirl Tutu and a Faux Fur Stole custom made for any holiday piece. I have a ton more ideas that will soon be coming to life in the coming weeks.