Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Christmas Item Pictures

Here in Ohio the weather is beginning to get quite brisk brrrrr! It seems like just last week it was hot, but then again, that is Ohio for you weather wise. My little model wouldn't cooperate today so I photographed a new 2008 Holiday Line tutu with no model. She is in one rotten mood after day care so i'll reshoot this weekend.

There is a link on the side bar of my blog for a Calendar Contest Trinity is in for our local Times Reporter. They are taking donations for a local charity by accepting $1 per vote with a $5 minimum online purchase. All proceeds go to our local Woman and Infants Organization to promote health related causes. Anyone who donates and votes for Trinity will be entered into a drawing to win our complete Santa Baby Tutu set which includes the tutu up to size 4, the matching faux stole and wand retailing at $71.50 Each person who submits their $5 in votes needs to copy and past the screen shot post purchase and email it to me at Here is an example of a copy and pasted post purchase listing.

Order Payment
Order ID:

5 votes for $5
Order Total:

I will do the drawing on November 17 2008

Until then here are the snapshots of our new Snowflake Princess Tutu