Friday, October 31, 2008

Ok ok so Halloween 2008 is over in Ohio...

But I couldn't resist posting some pics of our trick or treat night. I was totally thrilled it was so WARM this year. Usually trick or treat in Ohio is pretty miserable-cold, damp, and often raining. We already had some light snow flakes fall SO I was a bit worried about how today would play out. I received the go ahead from Trinity's doctor to take her trick or treating tonight, coming off the tail end of her pneumonia and the great weather made me less nervous. Caitlin, as always was ready to go-of course when she was done putting on her makeup *rolls eyes*. She was a punk pirate against her will. We looked at costumes for WEEKS and she couldn't make up her mind so I took it upon myself to order what I wanted for her. I told her I was getting the same for her sister and she got upset, so Trin became a mouse because that is my nickname for her. Naturally after I ordered the mouse get up, Caitlin was upset I didn't get her sister the matching costume-one can never win with a pre-preteenager:)

Trinity was bothered by her hood which I planned on happening but we zipped off with her in the stroller and she soon forgot it was on. The first house was confusing for her and by time we got to the second house she was mad, in the stroller, out of the stroller, to walk or be pushed, she was so torn. BUT we made it to the third house without a major blowout and soon she realized that if she goes to a strangers house, looks cute, they give her sugar and off she goes to repeat the task. We only stayed out for an hour because quite frankly, they won't eat the candy they got, well at least not all of it that is but all in all we had a good time-saw lots of adorable kiddos and some friends and our neighbors. So enjoy the pictures from our night and also the customer appreciation photos have already begun to roll in from my Halloween orders so i'm thrilled to see all those cute little gals all puffed out
Sucker in one hand, chips in the other!

AND from some of my customers:First we have the new titled Baby Queen at her pageant CONGRATS on the win!! Such a dollface

And next the cutest little peacock I EVER saw-her mommy is SO creative with her costume I just adore it!

And last there is little miss plum, her mommy added on a beautiful gerber daisy, all these cute kiddos make me smile!


Rockerchic said...

These are all GREAT pics! How cute!